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Palos Heights Hair Salon

Palos Heights Hair Salon

Having healthy hair can make a world of difference to your look. It can bring out your features and put them in a different light.  If you’re looking for a Palos Heights hair salon that offers you a vast array of services and individualized looks, La Couture Hair Studio offers various hair treatments and customized styles to suit your preferences.

The best hair treatments you should consider

These days, hair salons can offer hair treatments for almost any problem that you have. Whether you’re going for a coloring treatment or revitalizing treatment, there are tonnes of options available. At our studio, we offer demineralizing treatments, revitalizing treatments, coloring treatments, and keratin hair-smoothing treatments.

Today, avoiding chemicals in the water you shower with, is almost impossible. The heavy chlorine content in water or pools and the high mineral content in hard water will cause chemical build-ups in your hair and give a strange tint. Salons now offer demineralizing hair treatments to remove these chemical residues from your hair.

Keratin hair-smoothing treatments are designed to restore any depleted keratin in your hair and get rid of frizz. Keratin is the protein in your hair that helps it withstand harsh environmental conditions like humidity (which is responsible for frizz), and the keratin gets lost over time due to exposure to harsh sunlight or other environmental factors. A loss of keratin makes the hair dull, dry, and brittle, so, keratin smoothing treatments can add extra strength to your hair as well.

How should I prep for a hair treatment appointment?

How you should prepare for a hair treatment depends on the treatment you’re getting. Regardless of whether you’re getting a hair treatment or not, it is good to the best you can at home to keep your hair as healthy as possible. For coloring treatments, for example, you shouldn’t wash your hair immediately before the appointment as dirty hair makes it easier to apply the coloring product.

For other hair treatments, such as the Coppola Keratin Hair Smoothing treatment offered at our Palos Heights hair salon, you should first do a demineralizing treatment beforehand to remove any chemical deposits. A good salon will first have you come in and briefly look at your hair to see if your hair is in good condition for the treatment.

What can I do at home to minimize hair damage?

Doing regular hair treatments at a salon is a must, as they will keep your hair in top condition. You should also experiment to see how often you should wash your hair. Too much or too little can dry out your hair.

You could also do some DIY hair masks to treat your hair occasionally. However, nothing is more effective than getting adequate nutrition. Ensure you get your Vitamins A & E, Biotin, iron, zinc, and plenty of protein for healthy hair growth.

If your hair is looking dull, brittle or dry and you’re looking for a Palos Heights hair salon, La Couture Hair Studio offers a vast array of hair treatments to help you achieve that smooth, luscious hair.

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